Bad Co Fleet growing. Introducing the newest Bad Company that we are closing on in a couple of days. Ex Trophy box - ex Morgasm. 57 Spencer - 2013. C18 Cats. going directly to the yard for new electronic including Omni Sonar, Gyro stabilizer, KVH V30 (come on Elon Musk, hurry we need better sat system) Adding a Rybovich chair in the cockpit. And no we will not be adding bow rails or massive bait tanks for west coast style fishing 🙂. Where this gameboat will be positioned, it will be perfectly matched with the added items. We’ll be sharing detailed 2022 plans soon with entire fleet placement when we near logistic and crew planning. Our plans next year will cover 12,000 miles from the Reef to Azores with Cabo and California mid points. Enjoy the video, turn up the volume. @badcompanyfishingadventures

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