Here we go…. Introducing BCS-150! Turn up the volume on the video.

Bad Company fleet is complete today. (Well for now). The BCS 150 - Bad Company Support Damen built expedition yacht with helipad and 1250 Sq. feet of deck space. 7000 NM range at 10 knots, 5000NM at 12 knots, 25k gal of total fuel. She is a fast shadow/support boat that tops out at 18 knots.

Barely broken in as a 2019 model, she will open up the worlds oceans to us with the ability to support our game boats strategically positioned throughout the world plus the ability to carry the 43 Release using a commercial crane or the soon rebuilt young guns 32 Blackfin (my first inboard diesel boat from 31 years ago) using her own crane. Once game boats are deployed, the 1250 sq foot space becomes a helipad.

We have grand plans for the BCS-150 for many years. 2022 she will support 5 of our game boats from Bahamas to Australia. Bad Co Spencer in Bahamas/Caribbean, Bad Co Release 43 in Cabo, Bad Co 75 Delta in California, and Bad Co 60 Viking in Australia. 144 will be in Florida yard until April, and will serve as second mothership and will be paired up with the Spencer in Madeira/Azores. The following year 2023 the BCS 150 will carry her own game boat (Bad Co 32 or 43) and travel to exotic locations.

This program and schedule has been a 40 year dream of mine and with the blessings of a great team and financial resources, hopefully with a little luck, the dream will become a reality and we have some shots at some nice fish. No one is getting younger, there is no time other than now. 2022 tour about to get serious, with 2023 even bigger. I think Zane Grey would be proud of this contemporary program, all driven by the passion of fishing. Stay tuned.

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