Here's a quick snapshot of what's to come on the Bad Company World Tour - expectations to keep going until 2025 - it's only the beginning! 92 just out of the shed bright and pretty, she will be splashed soon but she won’t be done until June. 43 Release getting ready to cut her beautiful tower off and get an Omni before she heads to Turkey. BCS175 delays unknown with the tragedy in Turkey creating major disruption. Blackfin is still just a shell and trying to get the damaged engine repaired during shipping. 144 in Lauderdale is ready to go and just had a sea-trial, we’ll squeeze out a Bahamas trip on her in March before leg 5 Cape Verde. 150 and 33 down in South Atlantic. The World Tour will be the feature story in March issue of Marlin Magazine - keep up the support because it fuels this dream!

Featuring: Anthony Hsieh

Video footage by David Lassley | IG @David_Lassley
Video Edit by Tanner Matthews | IG @filmpacific

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