Epic first trip on the Bad Company World Tour in Madeira. First Day we ended the day with 5 Blues. A pair of 800, 250, and one 500. We are grateful for this spectacular day.

Cocktail party on the 150 with our friends in the community, thanking everyone for the wonderful support and over the top welcoming spirit.

BCS150 in Calheta, Madeira. Heading to Azores, then tour switches to GBR on the Viking BC60 in OCT/NOV, December BCS150 will reposition to the south Atlantic and will attempt a possible Ascension Island trip.

Anthony Hsieh
Captain Dan Nedwidek
Captain Steve Lassley
Captain Kevin Bohannon
O.B. | Wireman
Corey Browne | BCS-150
First Mate Jack Haywood | BCS-150
Chef Carey Chen | Marine Life Artist
Woody | War Heroes on Water

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